A blast from the past

I was in a fraternity back when I was in college, and there’s been a sudden burst of activity related to a facebook group that was created for the frat. I got an email today that an old friend had uploaded a photo of me which cracked me up, so at the risk of much mocking, I post it here for everyone’s enjoyment. This was taken in roughly 1991 during a fraternity rush, during which we ‘murffled’ our hair to make it stand up on end dramatically. Check out the mane I was wearing that night:

Check out that 'do

0 thoughts on “A blast from the past

  1. dlh says:

    Yes, it’s true, I looked like a scrawny superman back when. Also, that was once upon a time my favorite sweater, I wore that thing constantly. Who knew I had such great taste in clothes 😉


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