Game finished: Call of Duty 3

I’ve played most of the Call of Duty games at this point, including the various console ports. I’ve played through 2 on the PS2, and 2 on the PC (three if you count one of the expansion paks for the original game) and I played through 4 on the xbox 360 right after Christmas. I enjoyed that so much I went out and got COD3 for the Xbox 360, and played it through over the last couple of weeks. It’s nowhere near as good as 4 was, but it’s decent at what it is – a formulaic WWII console FPS. What novelty it has you can tell was tacked on because of the WII and PS3 motion sensing bits in the controllers, because there are these interactive sequences like ‘plant this bomb on the anti-aircraft gun’ which require sequences of button presses and twists, which on the wii or PS3 would have been actual motions with the controllers. They’re weak on the 360 because they feel contrived and because you can exploit them for a limited invulnerability by sprinting for the objective and initiating the sequence, which mostly keeps the AI from shooting at you so you can charge into insane situations and survive. The other new addition to the formula is scripted moments where you get jumped from around corners by enemy soldiers, which starts a ‘quicktime event’ style melee combat where you have to press the right buttons at the right time and speed. It’s basically as weak as it sounds, made worse by the fact that each of them requires whacking on the shoulder buttons, which it’s not easy to do quickly. There are also driving sequences and sequences where you control tanks or other heavy weaponry. These are just ok, and not as good as the ones in COD2, but they’re not bad either.

I didn’t try the multiplayer, because I already have the superb COD4 for that, not to mention Team Fortress 2 on the pc, so I figured why bother.

You can score the game for under $20 for the PS3 and the 360 if you shop carefully. At that price it’s worth it if you’re a fan of the genre, and who isn’t – after all, shooting nazis never gets old 😉

0 thoughts on “Game finished: Call of Duty 3

  1. Drew says:

    TF2 and COD4 have been my staple for FPS gaming for quite sometime. RO kind of got repetitive and I needed a break. RO is also in need of some kind of a refreshment. Maybe it is time to port to a new engine or something, I don’t know. I do knows that COD4 just about killed RO initially. Total player count went way down, but it is still holding on to a core group of dedicated players. I know at some point my interest in it will rekindle and I will play it again. I do wish something new for it though. Maybe it is time to add planes?
    COD4 multiplayer I find makes me angry. Having learned that I play for limited amounts of time. Apparently there are hacks ‘O plenty out for COD4 too, which is uber lame.
    TF2 is where the most fun is these days, for me at least. Lots of custom maps out keeping it fresh. Jiggly’s Funhouse and Jimmy Likes Men (JLM) servers have a core group of people playing that are generally fun to be on the server with. But alas, even TF2 when played too much, can get a bit repetitive and lose its luster.
    So, if you have any suggestions for a new FPS do tell.
    Though the weather has taken me away from the PC quite a bit now, and my rekindling reading habit has as well.
    I am reading a book by Allen Steele called Coyote. Sci-Fi book. Just started, seems interesting.


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