Great RSS readers now free

I haven’t been banging the RSS drum much lately. For a while I was regularly promoting it on this site. I guess at this point I figure either you’ve gotten the message, or you’re beyond hope. Still, I can’t help mentioning that two of my favorite RSS products, FeedDemon and NetNewsWire, are now free. I used each for extended periods over the years, and paid for licenses to both of them, but stopped using them when they were acquired by Newsgator several years ago in a pique, angry because instead of solving the synchronization issue in an open manner, they tied the products to one commercial provider.

Synchronization isn’t likely to be an issue for most users, and they’re fantastic products. If you need an RSS reader they’re definitely worth checking out. NetNewsWire is for OSX, and FeedDemon is for Win32. If you don’t think you need an RSS reader… you’re not keeping up with the times, and you’re wasting your own time. Read up on it, then go grab one of the above and get busy!

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