And the scientists said ‘let there be drunken exercising for all!’

I jest, but I don’t stray far from the truth. Check out this piece in the daily mail, which covers research indicating that beer is actually better at quenching your thirst after exercise than water is. Sports drinks are best of all, but who wants that sugary crap when you can have a couple of pints of fine lager? Plus, who knows, if this takes off the players could soon be joining the fans in drunken revelry on football sundays. I’m sure it will do wonders for defensive line play at the least.


0 thoughts on “And the scientists said ‘let there be drunken exercising for all!’

  1. Drew says:

    As if we really needed to be justified in this way. An hour of spin class followed by a couple of brown ales. I can see this working out very well for me. 🙂


  2. Nick S. says:

    Why must this be applied only after sports? I get thirsty during exercise, so I perhaps I should be drinking beer then too.
    Of course, that won’t help me keep to my side of the road on my bike, but at least I won’t feel the pain so much when I get body slammed by a Hummer.


  3. dlh says:

    I agree with you Nick. Plus there’s overwhelming evidence that being drunk increases one’s chances of surviving an accident, so….drink on, pedal power man. Wear a helmet cam so we can review the first person footage while you’re recuperating.



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