Friday fun: Quake for dummies

One of the early, truly great online shooters was the Quake engine derived ‘quakeworld,’ and it lives on to this day thanks to Id’s practice of opening the source code of their game engines to the public once their commercial lifespan ends. There are many quakeworld ‘distros’ these days, and much work has been done to bring it into the modern graphical age with better lighting, texturing and so on. None is easier to get going than nquake though, and it’s this weeks friday fun link. This runs on basically every platform known to man, but do be aware that you need pak1 from the original commercial quake release to play. You can score it unbelievably cheaply if you don’t already have it sitting around from back in the day or on the DVD for Quake IV. You can even score it off of Steam for ~ $10.

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