Soolin gets another hotspot

So one downside to the hike to Mount Colden – Soolin ended up with some injuries. Basically the harness she was wearing, which I used to haul her up and down all sorts of impediments – steep grades, ladders, boulders, etc – caused chafing under her arms and on one of her shoulders. Most of these are healing up nicely, but the one on her shoulder flared up into a hotspot by late last week and I ended up having to shave her shoulder. It didn’t help that I didn’t notice it at first – initially I thought she had pine sap or something stuck in her fur, and it was a couple of days after I first noticed it that I realized it was actually her wound seeping into her fur that was causing the sticky patch. Doh! Anyway, she’s healing up now. Here’s a pic to illustrate, and there’s a closeup at the end of the Colden Gallery linked in the post previous to this one if you’re a dog owner and curious about these things.

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