The linux distro family tree and timeline

Check out this excellent Linux distribution family tree and timeline. It’s been making the rounds so chances are you’ve already run across it but this is so cool I couldn’t pass up mentioning it. I’m currently running the Debian-derived Ubuntu, but for years this site ran off of Redhat 4-5-6-7. For a good part of the Redhat years I tried to get going with Debian but always failed to get x up and running on my video cards. Knoppix was the first Debian-derived distro I could run, and I almost switched to it from Redhat at one point back in ~2003. Looking over that chart brings back a lot of memories, too, of me tinkering with all the different distros over the years trying to find the one true distro to rule them all.

Anyway, worth a look, Linux fan or no, just to get a sense of the history of it all.

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