Dragon magazine and Dungeon magazine are no more

Wow, talk about an end to an era – Paizo, the publisher of Dragon and Dungeon magazine, has announced that they will cease publication shortly after at least a 30 year run. While I haven’t opened a Dragon magazine in at least 10 years, there was a period between jr and sr high when I anxiously awaited the latest issue’s arrival at my library, and I periodically campaigned with my mom to get me a subscription. She wasn’t having it since Dragon was always ridiculously expensive. Despite this I ended up with quite a collection of issues that I picked up over the years, and they’re still sitting in a crate amongst my game collection.

The Dungeons and Dragons brand is still going strong (they’re at version 3.0 and rumors of the announcement of version 4.0 abound), so it’s not clear why the magazines are being killed off. There are rumors that Wizards of the Coast is planning to build a paid online service, so maybe this is related to that. Or maybe in the age of the internet it’s about younger gamers not reading magazines about their hobby. Whatever the cause, it’s a

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