How to spend a week’s vacation

So I took last week off. My original plan was to get three hikes in, but old man winter showed up with bitter cold, Soolin developed cracked and bloody paws last weekend, and the part required to fix my car still hasn’t arrived from Japan, so I had to develop alternate plans. Fortunately I’m an accomplished pajama-wearing slacker. In no particular order I:

  • Read Steven Furst’s ‘The Polish Officer’ – Furst is fantastic as usual.
  • Read Patrick O’Brian’s ‘The Wine Dark Sea’ – O’Brian has become one of my favorite authors and he did not disappoint.
  • Watched a number of movies. ‘Pans Labyrinth‘ stands out as the one exceptional movie.
  • Made level 60 for my primary character, Siven, in Worlds of Warcraft. This is the first time I’ve made max level in a MMORPG, despite playing a ton of them (DAOC, Asheron’s Call, Ultima Online, Everquest I and II, Horizons, Anarchy Online). Of course there’s the expansion pak and max level is now 70, so back to the treadmill I go.
  • Played a ton of UFO:Afterlight, which may be the first competent riff on the original X-Com, aka the greatest video game ever made. This is the third in a series by these developers and it appears the third time is the charm. My only concern is with replayability since the game seems event driven, with certain developments and missions always occuring in a certain sequence. The tech tree is also inscrutable.
  • Finally managed to get my huge classic games collection on shelves and semi-organized in a way which should not again end with them spilled all over the floor.
  • Scanned my entire collection of analog photos, which took three days and managed to depress me so much that I stopped the image editing work needed to prep them to put on the web. Revisiting one’s past loves and lives on one’s 40th birthday? Not a good plan. I’ll get back to it.
  • Updated this site and the server OS it runs on, which took the better part of a day. I am increasingly tempted to move to a hosted solution by someone else because of the timesink this stuff is. I want my photos and other resources online, but every time I tackle the maintenance required I question my approach to this.

All in all not a bad week, I loved it aside from the photo scanning episode. I’ll start putting up some of those photos over the coming week – coolest of the crop are all the photos I took during my road trip to alaska back in 1990.

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