What’s a Doujin shmup?

There’s a great, short write-up about Doujin shmups over on The Independent Gaming Source that’s worth a look if you grew up in the 80’s on a diet of quarter munching arcade games and are curious about how one of the genres that started in that era has evolved over the years. Since I can’t point to a resource about shmups without also pointing at a fun shmup to try, take a look at Warning Forever, windows only, free, and great fun.

0 thoughts on “What’s a Doujin shmup?

  1. dlh says:

    Yeah – sorry. I wrote this like 6 years ago, and it looks like the shmups article is gone off tigsource, which is weird since their own site still links to it all over the place. Anyway, I updated the link to Warning Forever to something that still works. 6 years later that game’s become a classic 😉


  2. dadleehamilton says:

    the slang dictionary has “doujin schmup” as a specialized subcategory of muleskinner, “one who volunteers to help carpenter a chicken coop but then mopes around while failing to recall how to set a nail properly.” i hadn’t thought to look up the original intention of the phrase.


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