First major project at the ‘new’ job is launched

So, we launched a week and a half ago. My time is starting to become my own again after about a month and a half of super busy, super stressed, work till 7 every night activity. I’d link to it but I don’t want to show up in the referrer logs and besides, without an account it mostly just looks like a website. What we launched was a heavily customized instance of drupal designed to serve as the core of the college’s new web content management system. The customization involved a lot of work around managing hierarchical web content and managing the permissions on that content on a very granular level. We also spent a lot of time on a collection of features designed to facilitate social networking amongst the alumni of the college. ~21k new accounts were added to college systems as part of the launch, and we’re storing a ton of data about these folks and providing them with a set of tools that allows them to choose who can see what information about them on a very granular level.

So. Overall I’d give us a ‘B.’ The launch went reasonably well considering we had absolutely no testing period, and considering that a week before launch I uncovered an ‘oops we crashed the database server and hosed the data’ bug that I thought was going to kill me.

This is just the first phase and there’s a lot more to come. Figure on me disappearing again into a hole of ‘too busy for anything else’ starting mid-late July as we launch services for academics at the college.

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