Spongo doesn’t live here anymore

I’m just full of pet stories of late, it seems. This one is actually from my sister, who recently had a bleeding pet experience:

OMG. So I am sitting on the couch catching up on work when Spongo flies across the room and attacks Poot, unprovoked, as she sometimes does. Gidget runs over and attacks Spongo until she leaves Poot alone (Gidget is a good and loyal, if half-blind, friend). I rush over. There is blood everywhere, and I quickly realize that it is pulsing, warmly, out of Poot. Now what?

Brian and I try not to panic. We try to find the source of the blood on a white dog covered in blood. Poot’s getting splashed, we’re getting splashed, the floor is getting splashed. It’s a bloody mess. Brian starts looking for an emergency clinic. I am trying to figure out how we manage getting Poot to a clinic with a baby. I find the source of the blood – a gash on her ear, and thankfully not a vein in her neck, which is of course what I had been picturing. I stabilize her, and we start to talk about whether or not we need to bring her to the vet. We feel like things are ok. She shakes her head and the blood gushing starts again.

I call the vet and tell them we are on our way. We stabilize her again, head downstairs, she shakes her head and the gushing starts again. I wrap her in gauze like crazy, she gets excited, shakes her head… you guessed it: gushing. I managed to get her and Brian out the door by wrapping her head and ear in paper towels and gauze and taping the whole number to her neck.

Now I am sitting here wondering what blood to clean up first.

That cat is so out of here!

There’s also an update, 24 hours later:

…after an emergency visit to the vet last night, during which we were told that the two worst places to have an injury are the tail (uh yeah – had to have a piece of Poot’s tail surgically removed two years ago after she slit the tip and it wouldn’t heal) and the ear (of course!), Poot returned home with her entire head (less one loose ear) in a pink bandage (with a green heart – nice touch) and wearing an Elizabethan collar sized for a Saint Bernard.

As early as 8 AM, she had wiggled out of said bandage and splattered said collar with blood. After one more visit to the local vet this morning, Brian is now on his way to Poot’s regular vet in New Jersey (she sees a specialist for her heart) to prep for emergency surgery.

Anyone care to adopt Spongo the somewhat amazing?

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