There are monsters in my backyard

Well….maybe there are. A brief scary story. I have about 30 acres of farmland behind my house. At various times I have seen fox and coyote traversing the property. Last night it was pitch black out, so when I took Soolin out for her 10PM constitutional I put my LED camping head lamp on so I could see. We got about 100 yards or so out into the farmland and she began doing her business. While she was, I was sort of aimlessly looking about when what do I see but two bright peepers, about 15 yards away and creeping up on us. As soon as I had them in the light, they stopped moving and just stared at me. They were roughly canine height.

I panicked, not out of fear, but out of concern that Soolin would rush over to attack. I discovered that nothing puts fear in a man like tackling a pooping dog though, and imagining the possible outcomes.

Anyway nothing much came of it beyond that – I got ahold of Soolin and dragged her back towards the house. The eyes never moved, they just followed us as we walked away. After I stashed Soolin in the house I went back to see if I could spot whatever it was, but I couldn’t see it.

0 thoughts on “There are monsters in my backyard

  1. Nick S. says:

    Cool! If I ever get my night scope back from my brother I can send it to you for future explorations.
    What about a raccoon up on it’s hind legs?


  2. Drew says:

    2 quick Stan stories that I have already told Dave but post for everyone else.

    1) I let Stan out for an evening business a few nights ago. A few minutes later I go to the back door to see what he is up to. I see eyes glinting from the lights on the deck and call him. Stan comes out from the far side of the pool and is like “what.”
    The eyes in the woods are still staring at me. Hmm says I. Turn flashlight on point at eyes, reveal large deer. Stan says “BUDDY!!!” and runs for it, it in turn says “NOT!” and runs away. We saw that deer a few times and have since concluded it found the halloween pumkins and some apples I had dumped in the mulch pile.

    2) Playing frisbee this morning with Stan in the back yard. I throw he retrieves, the normal. But I also hide on him and chase him around. Stan likes to play, it’s what he does. So, there we are romping around when Stan, frisbee in mouth, heads to the woods to take care of business. A few minutes later Stan comes back minus his frisbee. I am like, go get the frisbee, he is like, Houston we have a problem. So, I go with him to find the frisbee and there it is. Stans frisbee, upside down like a plate. With a Stan poo dead center. Apparently he went in the woods, dropped is frisbee took 2 steps and went. I told him, Stan, we need a new frisbee.

    Stan is a good doggy and can do no wrong in my world. Patty has a differing opinion at times.



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