So you want to be a hero…

…if so, check out Marvel Ultimate Alliance. MUA is a fantastic old school beat em up with a dash of diablo rpg-lite mechanics. It’s available on pretty much every platform under the sun, but to my great surprise the PC port is really well done and so I picked it up for PC. Make no mistake, this is a mindless button mashing slugfest, but it’s got all those comic book heroes you grew up with to play with, it has reasonably good graphics and a very solid combat engine. This is the third Superhero game by Raven Software, the old FPS engine masters, and the third time is definitely the charm. I own both of the previous X-Men-focused games and they’ve gotten successively better. The notable improvements this time around include no more healing potions, a much broader selection of heroes to play with, better networking play, less complicated level up systems, and an actual playable PC port. It’s also on sale this week at Best Buy for PC – anyone want to team up to take down Dr. Doom?

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