Interesting little factoid – radio is doomed

I was asked to serve on the advisory board of the college radio station at work. We had our first meeting this past week and an interesting little tidbit came out that once I heard it made perfect sense, but which had never occurred to me. The current generation of students simply don’t use the radio – even if they own one as part of their stereo system they never use it. They don’t even use clock radios anymore. Why? Because almost all of them have ipods and use their computer as their primary source of music. This came out because it’s represented a challenge for the radio station (internet streaming is where it’s at), but I had one of those little light bulb over the head moments when the station director was talking about it.

This will lead to me helping them some with getting going with a platform that will enable podcasting (they’re already streaming), but the whole thing was pretty interesting to me.

0 thoughts on “Interesting little factoid – radio is doomed

  1. Drew says:

    Radio deserves to be dead. The advertising is annoying, the DJ’s inherently bad, and they seem to have a very limited selection of music.
    Think I’m kidding? Listen to a classic rock station and see what few tunes get repeated over and over and over…
    At home I use the digital cable music channels. If not that some CD’s in the player. If I am in mantown it is tunes off the pc or web. Same for work.

    Aside from NPR/public radio I am done with conventional radio.


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