Great long weekend

Recipe for a fun long weekend over the 4th of July: First, spend 2 days exploring the area looking for good swimming holes. I found several good ones for Soolin. None for me, alas, but at least I have one in my back pocket for the steamy July and August months. Anyway, second, go tubing on the Batten Kill river with friends. Take lots of pictures. Third: Spend an entire day doing absolutely nothing, recuperating from it all. I had a blast and love that it’s a short work week this week as well.

There are new photos in the gallery of the tubing trip including some movies, use the gallery link at the top of this page to get there.

0 thoughts on “Great long weekend

  1. Drew says:

    Definately have to get the camera into others hands to get you in some more shots.

    Did you test the video clips? They won’t play for me. Are they supposed to have a double extension? I see


  2. dlh says:

    Yeah I should pass it around.

    The clips play, you just have to wait, comcast and every other US service provider gives crap ass upload bandwidth is the problem. Also I have torrents running at home (the live music stuff I linked to last week) so that is probably slowing things down.


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