Great live music for the taking

Familiar with the Bonnaroo Music Festival? This years festival took place a couple of weeks ago. Bonnaroo has become something of an event for me, since shortly after it happens the audience recordings of the show come online and I get to check out a bunch of live music. Some of it is from bands I know, but a lot of it is from bands I’m not familiar with and it’s great fun to check out new music. The highlight of this year’s festival so far has been Radiohead’s show, but the GRAB show is also phenomenal, especially if like me you have a fondness for the Grateful Dead. Anyway there’s an extensive collection of concerts available. This is legal music folks and anyone who likes jam bands has every reason to check it out. I found a great directory of lossless (mostly flac) recordings of it on this post at the Live Music Blog.

Kudos to my brother for poking me about this. I went looking for the shows a couple of days after the festival ended and came up empty. Jesse sent me links to a couple shows and that ended up with me tracking down the link above, which at this point has almost all of it.

A minor pipe dream of mine – actually go to this festival one year and relive the days of my youth. Anyone game?

0 thoughts on “Great live music for the taking

  1. Drew says:

    I know 5 girls from work that piled into the car and drove down to it. They had a good time. To have been the sole guy on that trip would have been sweet!
    I think if we tried to relive our youth it might kill us.


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