A shrine to Robotron

If you grew up during the 80’s and played arcade games during that time, chances are very good that you have an appreciation for the games that came out of Williams during that era – they produced a string of great games that came to define the twitch arcade game, and their penultimate game, Robotron 2084, was the best of the lot. For today’s friday Fun link I’m linking over to this Robotron 2084 fanpage, with tons of info about the game. I still play Robotron regularly using M.A.M.E. and recommend it to anyone who’s a fan of twitch arcade games.

0 thoughts on “A shrine to Robotron

  1. Drew says:

    What? No mention of someone who was so devoted to have actually owned the actual arcade game?
    And how I do miss it. Thanks for pouring salt in my wound !! πŸ˜‰


  2. dlh says:

    M.A.M.E., my friend, M.A.M.E. It’s all you need to feed that 80’s arcade game jones. For bonus points, hook it up to your television as the output device, and crank the audio through the home theater system.


    Once my finances are settled down here, now that I am making more money I am going to indulge my long-held wish to build a mame arcade cabinet. You can come satisfy your Robotron jones at my place, and since you’re a friend I’ll only charge you a quarter a game, unlike the .50 cents a game you’d encounter at a modern arcade.


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