Another good Grannie story

So I’ve been posting reminisces about my grandparents lately. Here’s one of my favorite ones about Grannie.

A couple of years ago I moved to Saratoga Springs NY, and shortly after I went to a family barbecue at my Aunt Melissa and Uncle Danny’s house, and Grannie was there. It was one of the few times I had seen her in years and years. At one point most folks went outside – I think the kids were roasting marshmallows or something – but in any case Grannie stayed inside and I sat there shooting the breeze with her, trying to get a sense of what she was doing those days. The fact that she was still driving came up, and given her age it was a little surprising, and I said so. She got a twinkle in her eye in response and said ‘yes, and I don’t use the brakes!’ I gradually got out of her that she would leave her house, head to her hairdressers, which was down a steep hill, and try not to use the brakes on her car because she enjoyed zooming as fast as gravity would take her down the hill.


I thought this was pretty funny. Picture a woman in her 80’s with a grin on her face zooming down a hill and maybe you’ll see the humor. But I also think it speaks to something I said about Grannie in one of my other stories about her – she was still enjoying life, and getting a kick out of it, at her age, something which is often not true of the very elderly.

0 thoughts on “Another good Grannie story

  1. dlh says:

    I should have mentioned one other sort of sad tidbit in relation to this story – I was actually sad for her when, about a year after this story took place, her car developed mechanical trouble and rather than repair it or buy another car she just decided that it was time to give up driving, because it meant she was sacrificing a small pleasure of hers (along with all the other stuff – independence and so on).


  2. mom says:

    David–thanks for all your wonderful stories. I know Grannie loved to drive that crazy ‘mountain road’ especially knowing she was getting a good doo out of it! It was all about the hair! (and she loved to see the mountains and river and it probably felt like flying to her. love mom


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