Free online WWII tank action rpg

I’ve posted now and then about how other countries, asian countries especially, are completely kicking our butts when it comes to bandwidth. There are lots of side effects of this and one of them is the sheer number of online multiplayer games asian developers are producing – there’s already a whole generation of citizens, male and female, that are acclimated to playing games online with folks, and the game producers are developing all kinds of things to appeal to them. Some of them are getting translated to english as these asian developers try and crack the US market.

Here’s an example of on. I happened across a fun, free action rpg for pc set in wwII on the eastern front. Check out Blitz 1941. It’s a relatively small download at around 150 megs, signup takes only a minute, and the hardware requirements are very modest. The primary gameplay is basically capture and hold in european cities as you work with your teamates to capture them. If you sign up drop me a message so we can group – I’m a level 3 tank commander specializing in repair so far.

0 thoughts on “Free online WWII tank action rpg

  1. dlh says:

    My friend Tony grabbed it too, funny you should mention warcraft because he is a big fan of warcraft III. Anyway he liked it well enough, we’re going to try and group up to play, you should hook up with us.


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