Try Day of Defeat for free

The original Day of Defeat, built on the halflife engine, was a really good team-based fps mod back in the day. Tons of folks still play it today in fact. Valve released a sequel built on the halflife 2 engine, and this weekend they’re offering free access to it. Check out their site for the details. It’s worth trying if you’re a fan of wwII fps. Personally I think it’s completely overshadowed by the superb Red Orchestra, which is also getting a retail sequel, even though Day of Defeat has much better graphics. Still, they feature different play styles, Red Orchestra focusing on tactics and teamwork whereas Day of Defeat is much more of a run and gun action game, so they both have their place on my hard drive and this is worth a look if you haven’t already purchased it. You can start the download today so that it’s ready to run by the time friday evening rolls around.

One word of caution. This probably requires one to register for a steam account, and some folks really hate steam. I think it’s the future of software distribution so there’s no sense in gnashing one’s teeth over it, but whatever, follow your own instincts there.

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