Cheap effective tick removal tool

One of the side effects of the warm winter has been that Soolin has actually picked up a couple of ticks, including one in January which I would have thought was impossible. As a happy coincidence, Kevin Kelly’s Cool Tools site mentioned a cheap apparently very safe and effective tick removal tool, the Tick Twister. I just added this to my amazon wishlist – as soon as I’ve used it to remove a tick I’ll post a review. Even if it’s only mediocre though it has got to be better than my current ‘work at it with tweezers’ method of removal.

0 thoughts on “Cheap effective tick removal tool

  1. Drew says:

    Man, Stan has had 4 ticks in the past 6 weeks. One of them got by me too, I never found it until it was a fat little raisin and fell off. GROSS!!
    Needless to say, Stan has a fresh application of Frontline on now. And next winter I will continue applying rather than assume winter cold will protect him.


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