The best windows file launcher

Ok. This time for real, it’s the best possible windows file launcher, a pretty much straight up port of the most useful feature of Quicksilver on the mac (namely the file launching). It’s called Colibri and it works pretty much exactly like quicksilver in terms of file launching capabilities. Free, a tiny download, a relatively small memory footprint (~18k on my machine), and it’s super speedy. The only downside is the lack of documentation, but operation couldn’t be simpler – hit your control key sequence (ctrl-space is default), begin typing the name of whatever it is you need to be using, then hit enter for the default behavior for that object type (for programs, this will launch the program) or hit tab to select from a list of actions for that object type. Right now this is where it’s lacking, in operations (mostly if not exclusively all it does is launch things) but hopefully it will come along in this department. Meanwhile you can stop putting icons of every single program installed on your computer on your desktop.

0 thoughts on “The best windows file launcher

  1. dlh says:

    My desktop is a mess, with tons of icons. It’s why I love quicksilver so much, and these windows copies of quicksilver I’ve been mentioning so much. File launching on the computer becomes tons easier. Definitely check it out even if you have no desktop icons – no need for the cluttered start menu either once you get used to working with them.


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