It took me almost 3 months…

but the site is back up and running. We moved, as my last post mentioned, and there were lots of things to take care of, including numerous summer vacations, before I had time to turn my attention to the website. I also moved the website. I’m not going to self host, at least for a while. For the next year I’m paying to host it for me on their platform. This has some downsides, chief among them being that doesn’t support custom plugins, so lots of the features I used to use are gone. A lot of things are currently broken, partly as a result of the missing plugins. It has some upside too though – frankly, php/wordpress self hosting is a PIA. It’s a constant battle with hacks and exploits and maintenance partly in the service of the battle. I’m tired of it, and this isn’t really what I do for a living any more.

It also means the photo galleries are currently gone. I’m not sure what I’m going to do about that yet. For now I have all the photos over on google photos, but most of the old galleries are no longer around. I think I’m going to push this over onto my Synology NAS, but that will take some work that I don’t have time for. I’ll get to it this fall at some point. Meantime I’ll post here when I make galleries available in Google Photos.

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