My childrens’ daycare center (Woodside Children’s Center) finally gets a website

…thanks in part to me:

Amherst, Massachusetts – Woodside Children’s Center website

Amherst College more or less owns the Woodside Children’s Center but keeps it as a distinct entity for liability and other reasons. Historically this has meant they couldn’t take advantage of many of the services the college provides to employees and the various offices and departments, including my department’s services. That recently changed, and we spun up a simple little WordPress site for them so they can have a home on the web. Time for them to party like it’s 1995 😉

Tragically, despite one of my employees doing the bulk of the content work on the site, no pictures of my children ended up on it, at least not yet, which I teased him about when it went live. On the other hand one of the children of a board member, who’s also a tenured faculty member, did end up on the homepage, so truth be told he made the smarter choice.

One thought on “My childrens’ daycare center (Woodside Children’s Center) finally gets a website

  1. dlh says:

    There’s another truth to be told, for those who care: this post is mostly about helping Woodside Children’s Center’s discoverability in search engines. Tragically for them, not having a website for the first 2 decades of the web’s existence means they are effectively invisible to search engines. We’re doing what we can to help with that, and this site’s stable url for ~14 years gives it more to contribute to that then you’d guess, despite its abysmal traffic.


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