How did Argo win best picture?

That’s a serious question. I’ve been sick for a week but recovered enough to have my wits about me for several days, during which I spent a lot of time laying around on the couch watching tv. One of the things I saw was Argo, which was a decent but unexceptional movie to my eye. I’ve only seen one other movie that was nominated this year, Zero Dark Thirty, so I can’t speak to the field, but Zero Dark Thirty was a superior movie by many orders of magnitude. I don’t get the Argo love. I thought the acting was a mixed (though mostly positive) bag, I found the tense ending contrived, and I found sections of it clumsy and unconvincing – the scene in the bazaar for example, or the scene where a “Hollywood location scout” saves the day by revealing he speaks Farsi and then manages to sell a group of suspicious guards that they really are making a sci fi movie in Iran during the revolution. What a bunch of nonsense.

Also, sorry Canada that 30-something years later we’ve decided to claim most of the credit. Thanks for helping us with this, I promise some of us will remember 😉

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