Return of the gallery

Last year around this time I had one of the worst computer failures I’ve ever had, wherein an upgrade process for my server went south and I lost all my database tables, permanently. Some, I had backups for. Others I didn’t, and those included the photo galleries of my son Brady’s first year. None of the photos were lost, but all the comments, photo titles, etc were lost forever. I was so pissed off about this I abandoned Ubuntu and moved everything to other systems; for about a year I hosted everything remotely with, then when I ran into some limitations with that arrangement, I moved things in house. I also assessed photo hosting software and decided to move over to piwigo instead of sticking with menalto’s gallery, which I had been using for >10 years. I mention all of this because everything is now finally running, and more importantly we’ve been slowly refilling it with content. This includes many of my collections of AGCW photos, and a month’s worth of photos of my new daughter Laura. There’s lots more coming as well. It’s back at its original location, ie

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