So THIS happened (coyotes)

There’s not much actual video, this is all about the audio. It’s under a minute long. Things really get started at about 35 seconds:

This was the second night this week they showed up. They continually made forays into the yard to try and get at our chickens. I put a headlamp on, grabbed a broom handle, tied my dog Soolin on my waist, then went out to chase them off twice. It worked both times but it didn’t dissuade them from coming back. One of the times I’m pretty sure they didn’t even leave, they just went quiet and skulked around in the high grass and tree line on the verge of my property, this based mostly on Soolin’s reaction. We only caught sight of them once, when my headlamp caught somewhere between 3-5 pairs of eyes looking at us from near my barn. Meanwhile, the idiot chickens’ reaction to this was to burst into agitated clucking and crowing, which only served to further agitate the coyotes.

The video fails to capture them at full throat, but it’s still pretty impressive the racket you can hear. It’s a little intimidating. I wouldn’t say I was afraid, but there’s some primal reaction it caused in me along the lines of ‘caution man, this is not cool.’ I was a little worried for Soolin, mostly if she got off-lead somehow and ran off.

[Edit: update – they Coyotes stopped by 3 times this week – one more time after I posted this]

7 thoughts on “So THIS happened (coyotes)

    • dlh says:

      Dad: we have a blinker light thing, not that one, some solar powered unit. We’ve had no chicken murders since I got it, but that pack howling 10-20 feet from their coop had me out there with the broom handle anyway.

      Jesse – convince my wife, I’m in. I want more critters, she doesn’t. Eventually, I’ll win 😉 (though I want goats so as to skip mowing a couple of acres first along with some sheep, and a mule or llama as guard beast).


  1. dlh says:

    Hey Tui, Thanks for the link, added that guy to my feeds. I wish I could pull off what he’s doing on that farm. Just need a few hundred thousand to buy a spread that large 😉

    The coyotes came back Saturday night, and I rushed out to chase them off again. They didn’t stick around as long this time.


  2. Lindsey says:

    Willow really enjoyed that, but scared me. I hope they have gotten a little better. I have no advice for you, I know nothing about coyotes!


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