Football, 1/4 of the way through the season.

If you had started the season predicting the Skins and Giants on top of the NFC East and the Eagles and Cowboys at the bottom, I would have called you a fool. Shows what I know about football. Of course I can’t say I’m displeased, but I’ve watched every Giants game this season including the preseason, and they’re not a good football team. Their troubles are as much about injuries as they are about talent and coaching, but even if everyone was on the field, my read is they’re a middle of the pack team that needs help on defense (linebacking and secondary) and on offense (the line primarily, though it’s unclear if any of their receivers can step up and become the goto playmaker that Smith was and Plaxico was before him).

It’s too early to make predictions I have confidence in, and there’s the whole on any given sunday thing, but barring a string of injuries the Packers look even better than they did last season and an easy pick for NFC champs. I haven’t seen enough AFC games to have an informed opinion, but I’ll go with the Pats  and their explosive offense in the AFC.

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