Giving up smoking gave me diabetes?

I’ve been sitting on this link for like a year as my site lay fallow. Slowly working my way through the backlog of material. Check out this blurb on the BBC site about a study which demonstrated a high correlation between folks quitting smoking and then developing type 2 diabtese. The timeline and circumstances match my own experience. Pretty freaky (if ultimately fruitless) to ponder what might have been. Even if it’s true, I’m good with where I ended up. Rather try and manage diabetes than fight lung cancer or heart disease ultimately.

0 thoughts on “Giving up smoking gave me diabetes?

  1. dadleehamilton says:

    it’s also an illustration of the danger of extrapolating from small-base studies. it’s what les payne used to call ‘rat cancer’ studies. for this to be generally true, a high percentage of those who stopped smoking in the last couple of decades would have to be shown to be among the type 2 diabetes findings in the same time period. personally, i am doubtful that anyone has studied the correlation, if any is to be found. it’s diet and genes, and you can attach any other smoke and mirrors to it, but it remains diet and genes. (IMHO)


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