Recipe for anxiety


one web geek paranoid about data privacy issues that shares a name with a famous photographer


  1. Visit for the first time in months to check privacy settings, after a weekend full of old college friend facebook messages leaves you wondering what’s happened.
  2. Note that profile is still configured to show info in public (google, etc) searches. Decide to investigate.
  3. Search on name.
  4. Note that David Hamilton the photographer is still consuming all the top results for your name.
  5. Idly click on one of the David Hamilton the photographer google links
  6. Find oneself on a page that looks a lot like child porno (the kids arent naked, they’re scantily clad, but it’s pretty scant, and the site name has lolita in the title), freak out, and close the browser tab.
  7. Realize you never logged out of facebook when the facebook tab is revealed.
  8. Curse and fret.

Fscking facebook man.

0 thoughts on “Recipe for anxiety

  1. dadleehamilton says:

    we probably never talked about this, but . . . that’s why my newsday identity was always david C. hamilton. they thought it was starchy (because they had no knowledge of the photographer) but they caved when i told them they didn’t want to put up with the letters of complaint from this conservative readership.


    • dlh says:

      huh. Yeah I had no idea. Funny that this caused problems for you as well. Didn’t realize that photographer had been around for that long.


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