Re-activating the blog

So who knew having 1.5 jobs and a new baby would keep me from using this site much? Probably everyone but me. Truth is though the main thing that’s kept me from posting here has to do with Facebook. Well, Facebook and a lack of time to deal with the issues. Basically I had connected this site to my Facebook wall so that anything I posted here would show up there, but I’ve become increasingly disenchanted with Facebook to the point where I don’t want much to do with them, so I needed to disconnect the site. On the occasions when I’ve had time to deal with that I either wasn’t at a machine where I could do it (I only allow a virtual machine at work to connect to them at this point), or I bounced off the changes they made to their interface and backed out. Yesterday I finally took the time to disconnect things. The intent is to return to using this space. We’ll see if I can live up to it.

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