0 thoughts on “Microfiche machine

  1. dlh says:

    Turns out this thing is worth a little money – I looked around and they sell for $2-300 generally, so there’s still a market for them. Funny to me – I wonder if that’s around what they sold for back when they were originally manufactured. Scale seems about right but it’s a little before my time so I’m not sure.

    Why did they make you dizzy and nauseous?


  2. dadleehamilton says:

    something to do with the image moving in a blur in front of me as i wound the tape. i’d be looking for something, date undetermined, and so spin the handle – stop – spin the handle – stop – and then have to get up and talk a stroll. this would be in the early 60’s wooster daily record, and then again early 70s newsday. blech . . . really.


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