Disturbing vingette

The dogs and I were playing in the yard a couple of days ago when they saw a middle aged woman with a german shepard approaching from up the street and bolted to the fence to bark at her. She was across the street and as she got parallel with our yard her dog suddenly bolted into the street towards our house, dragging her along with it and causing her to faceplant right in the road.

An approaching SUV stopped in time, thankfully, and no one got hit, but there was this awful prolonged moment when she wasn’t responding to repeated queries from me or the driver of the SUV as to her well being. A line of cars grew in both directions as this was going on. By the time I was opening our gate she finally stirred and after a exchanging a few words with the driver of the SUV she tottered groggily off, either ignoring or not hearing my repeated calls offering assistance – the best I got was a quick glance in my direction.

It was disturbing – I couldn’t tell if she was too dazed to actually be walking, or she couldn’t hear me, or if she was pissed about what had happened and had decided it was my barking dogs’ fault and thus didn’t want to engage with me. I ended up standing on the sidewalk watching her totter off down the street, worried the whole time.

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