Close call in the parking lot

I always set my parking brake, something I am occasionally teased about. This weekend I got an almost painful reminder of why I do. It was snowing hard when I left work on Friday. I stopped at Atkins Farms for a few things on the way home, and forgot to set the parking brake. By the time I got back to the car it was completely shrouded in a light coating of snow. I could not see once I got in. I had Soolin with me and had picked up a small treat for her while in the store, and I started unwrapping it as I started the car. I turned to give it to her and while she was enjoying it I got a funny sensation and suddenly realized I was moving. I slammed on the brake, sending Soolin tumbling, and flicked on the rear windshield wiper. I was maybe half a car length from a small embankment that sits above Atkins, and the car had scooted most of the way through the parking lot, only 5-6 car lengths in total but my path crossed over 3 lanes of parking spaces and an area where there’s normally a lot of foot traffic. I was super lucky no one was walking through the lot when this happened, and that instincts kicked in and I slammed on the brakes before I went over the embankment. It’s only a couple of feet high but nothing good could have come of it. Three cheers for a little Friday luck!

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