Why I’m not buying Modern Combat 2

I really enjoyed Modern Combat – I played through and enjoyed the single player campaign, and I played a ton of multiplayer when it came out. I also enjoyed World at War, its sequel, and still occasionally play it online.

I won’t be buying the sequel. This fantastic chart over on Destructoid sums up why: this release is a huge middle finger to PC gamers. I’m not going to get all caught up in the nerd angst these moves by Infinity Ward have provoked, I’m simply going to walk away from their product. I think they could basically care less – they know they’ll sell 10 million+ copies to console gamers. Good on them, they know their market. I think they’ve lost sight of their PC market though. Meanwhile there are plenty of other great modable, extensively multiplayer, , extensible, client/server FPS for me to choose from on the PC. Personally I think Infinity Ward should take a good look at Valve and think about how Valve is succeeding in all the areas Infinity Ward is claiming are causing them to make these changes.

update: There’s also a pretty good summary of all the downgrades Infinity Ward have applied to Modern Combat 2 over here on Ars Technica

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