High peaks hike up Wright and Algonquin recap

Andrew JT and I summited two of the Adirondack 46ers this weekend, Wright and Algonquin. We had a pretty great time despite it being socked in at the higher elevations.What we lacked in dramatic vistas from the summits we made up for with drama on the hike. Andrew managed to forget his boots and hiked ~9 miles and ~3-4k in elevation change in his slippers, then had his newly installed crown crack out of his tooth while eating lunch. JT broke his arm the week before the hike but stuck with it anyway despite the risk. I hiked in with two dogs to save Nori from having to spend the day alone at home and ended up having to haul both their canine arses up and over some pretty rough terrain. Soolin put a period on the expedition by developing a nasty hotspot on the ride back from the hike, caused (apparently) by her pack abrading her forearm. Still in all it was a fantastic experience. I’ve knocked off 4 of the 46ers now and Soolin’s done 3. We’re already talking about our next trip. Below you can find the map of our hike and a link to a picture gallery with tons of photos.


The image gallery is here.

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