Remembering Scott Leighton: devotion to friends and family


Scott out on Lake George circa ~2007

This is my favorite story about Scott because it really captures an essential piece of who he was for me.

Some years ago Scott and his wife were trying to have a baby. There were some issues and they were tracking her cycles. There were certain moments in time when Scott needed to be there to do his part. Scott had driven up to my place in Saratoga Springs to pick me up, and we drove up to Bolton Landing to wait for our ride.

On the way we talked about what he and his wife were going through and how he might have to take off early to go be with her, which was understandable but a bummer. Sure enough we got there, Scott got a call from home, and the next day off he went to be with his wife. What’s surprising is less than 24 hours later he was back, spending at least 15 hours on the road (some of it in the worst traffic the tri-state area has to offer) in less than 2 days. And more surprising than that was that he got another call from home and took off, a day early, to again do his bit.

I’m not sure if Scott’s son Logan came out of this experience but I’d like to think so. I also think it says a lot about who Scott was, selfless in his devotion to those he cared about. No one else that regularly comes on our trip would have done this, but for Scott it was a no brainer, even in the face of all of us ragging him about it.

There’s a gallery of all of my pictures of Scott here. I’ve also written a few other remembrances of him, which you can read here.

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