Friday Fun: Diablo meets Doom

If you took one part Doom, one part Diablo, and mixed em up in a pc-only piece of freeware, you’d end up with Doom:Fall of Mars:

It’s exactly as fun as it looks – if you loved Diablo you’ll like this. It’s a tiny download and should run on pretty much any modern machine, its needs are modest. Definitely worth checking it out.

0 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Diablo meets Doom

  1. Drew says:

    I just grabbed it from Filefront. Quite possibly the last file I will ever download from that site as they are shutting down 30 March.
    Asta la vista Filefront. 😦


  2. dlh says:

    Yeah. Continuing shutdown of all that once was zdnet. Funny – a decade ago or so they seemed to be sitting on top of the world, and back in like 94-95 I would have said they were likely to be one of the leading internet companies. Now look at them….


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