Friday fun requires you to buy a PS3

If I told you my favorite game so far this year featured me as a flower petal swooping through fields of grass collecting more petals by colliding with other flowers, you’d think I was nuts, but it’s true: Flower is completely awesome. Few games manage to elicit any emotional response from me aside from anger (ie, ‘how the frack did that guy shoot me from way over there!!!!BS!!!*@#*!!!!’ in a FPS), but Flower is this wonderfully positive emotional experience. I don’t want to spoil anything so I can’t give too much in the way of details, but the gist of it is you save the world with the power of flowers. The graphics, musical score, audio, gameplay, and controls (featuring almost completely motion-based controls) are all perfect. There’s no downside here, it’s even cheap ($10)…but it does require you to have a $350+ PS3 to play on, and a decent surround sound system to enrich the experience.

As fruity as this game sounds, everyone I’ve shown it to so far has loved it. Here’s a gameplay video to give you a sense of it:

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