Friday Fun: Gothic II for cheap

I’ll never pass up an opportunity to praise Gothic II – it’s one of the finest CRPG‘s ever made., a DRM free digital game portal specializing in older games, just announced that they’re carrying it. For $9.99 you get the game and it’s expansion plus a few extras. There are few better bargains in gaming – Gothic II is an epic fantasy adventure with arcade combat and an absolutely huge world to explore. There really have been very few games as good as this one. I played through and solved it along with it’s predecessor and recommend them to anyone who has an interest in CRPG’s. A bonus is the fact that these games are old enough now that they’ll run on older hardware. I’ve bought things off of a few times now and really like their service. Anyway, check it out, it’s this week’s Friday fun link. Oh – windows only, sorry folks, though it will run fine under boot camp if you’ve gone that route. Here’s the link to the product page for Gothic II.

A little gameplay to give you a sense of it is below.

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