Game finished: Lego Batman

Susan and I finished up Lego Batman this week. We had previously played through Lego Star Wars together. Lego Batman is more of the same, basically, but set in the Batman universe instead of in Star Wars. It’s a bit shorter than Lego Star Wars, though both are almost endless games in that there are a ton of achievements and hidden items to collect from levels even after you’ve beaten them. We both felt Batman was a bit easier, especially in the vehicle missions, and that this was a good thing – some of the Star Wars vehicle missions were pretty annoying. The game engine still has issues with perspective and jumping – sometimes you find it really hard to move along a narrow ledge or jump from one platform to another because you can’t gauge your position on the 3d plane – the developers could do more work here. Despite this, I’d recommend the game to anyone who’s a fan of the other Lego games, or who’s looking for a coop game to play with their significant other or kids – it’s great lightweight fun, not too challenging, and often funny.

I’ll probably pick up Lego Indiana Jones next, plus there are rumors of Lego Harry Potter coming this christmas, which seems like a natural fit for the series. I’m not sure what to make of the other rumor, which is that a Lego Rock Band game is coming. Meanwhile, check out the video below if you’re not already familiar with the Lego games:

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