The fates were kind to me today

So I’m driving to work. I normally take this backroads way to the office during the school year because the major road passes through South Hadley and the campus of Mt Holyoke College, ie it’s slow when the students are here. The road’s speed limit varies from 25 – 40 depending what section you’re on, and normally my speed is between 40 and 50 on it – everyones’ is, it’s a little back country road. There are kids catching their school buses though and I guess the cops decided to crack down, or maybe I’m just unlucky, because today as I came down a hill doing maybe 45 a cop pulled out behind me and flipped on his lights. I thought I was busted. I slowed down and started to pull over but there was a crossroad, so I decided to pull over after the junction. There was a car there waiting to make a left, and I guess the driver decided to try and bolt out in front of me so as not to be slowed down by the cop pulling me over etc, or maybe they were impatient, or…who knows, whatever they were thinking they suddenly pulled out in front of me, causing both me and the cop to have to jam on our brakes, nearly causing an accident. Apparently this pissed off the cop because he blared his siren, did a u-turn in the middle of the road, and took after the other guy. I was like ‘whoo hoo!’ and proceeded on my merry way to work. Three cheers for good luck!

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