My impression of the VP debate

Here’s my take on how the debate went last night. Imagine the following exchange:

Ifil: Next question. Governer Palin, you first. Can you explain to us how you would bake a chocolate cake?’

Palin: Sure, I’d be happy to. Let me tell you about the time I was at the game with the hockey moms, and I sucessfully negotiated for cheaper hot dog prices for all the kids from the vendor at that stadium. It just goes to show how my experience as an executive demonstrates my experience! And did those kids enjoy those hot dogs? You betcha!

Ifil:… Senator Biden? Would you like to respond?

Biden: …err… [big fake smile, demonstrating he thinks Palin’s charming] well, back in PA, my mom made the best chocolate cake, and let me tell you how, but before I do, let me just mention that John McCain voted against chocolate cake 37 times since he’s been in the senate….

God help us if the Republicans take the White House again. Everyone’s giving Palin credit today for not blowing it, but I’m completely appalled that anyone could watch last nights exhange and continue to count Palin as a credible candidate. I got up this morning and did the same thing I did after watching the last debate: went over to the Obama campaign’s website and donated $100 to their campaign. Here’s hoping they win, we’re all in deep shit if they don’t.

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