Good old Games – one free invite

Good Old Games is this fantastic new software store developed by the folks who produced The Witcher. They’re selling old, classic games for $10 and under, with the DRM removed and the games patched and tweaked to run on modern systems. Many excellent games are to be had for ~$6, and it’s all wrapped up in a well designed website. In short, I love it. I’ve already picked up Sacrifice and Hostile Waters (which I’ve mentioned in the past is one of the finest games, ever), and I’ve got my eyes on several other games. I mention all this because the site is still in beta and they’ve started offering gift keys to the beta users. So – if you’re seriously interested in the site, drop me a comment and I’ll give you a key. So far I only have one, and this is first come, first serve. It’s all free of course, aside from the cost of the games, but since they’re really trying to stress test the system, please don’t ask for the key if you don’t intend to buy anything – the point after all is to actually use it. You can check out the current catalog using the link above to get a sense if there’s anything there that you’d like, and I’ll note that so far they’ve been adding 1-3 games a week.

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