Get a dropbox

Another ‘back where we started’ kind of issue to mention today. Over the years I’ve mentioned a number of web shared drive tools that came out during the first boom. Most of them went bust or got acquired by some bigger company, and none of them ended up lasting in terms of their usefulness to me. Today I got an account over on and so far it looks pretty promising. 2 gigs of free storage, 10GB/month bandwidth, a mount on the OS of your local computers, and a web interface to manage the thing along with tools local to the host OS’s you get it running on, plus the ability to create private shares with your friends. So far it seems pretty great. I’m addicted to grabbing live music off of (this is free, legal music), and instead of dumping things onto a thumb drive to get it home, I’m just synching it to my dropbox and grabbing it when I’m home. Definitely worth checking out if you need a way to move files from place to place. I’ve got some invites if anyone is interested, though I think they’re now in public beta and anyone can get an account. I’m using my daveman1967 yahoo email account if anyone wants to share with me. Now I’m off to hassle my camping buddies to get accounts so I don’t have to pay $10 per CD to get the photos they take of our camping trips.

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