Ever get an address stuck in your head?

549-5217. That was my phone number when I was a kid, something my parents presumably drummed into me to the point where I can’t seem to get it out. I’ve run into another example of that which is both humorous and tremendously annoying. I’m moving to Susan’s place in Holyoke next weekend. She lives on west franklin street. For ~7-8 years, I lived on west elm street in Yarmouth, Maine. Today I discovered that every site I thought I had typed my new mail address into when I was updating my contact info (ebay, citibank, paypal, newegg, amazon, plus others), I put the west elm street address in instead of the west franklin one. For some reason every time I start to write/type west franklin, my mind goes on autopilot

0 thoughts on “Ever get an address stuck in your head?

  1. Bowman says:

    i occasionally do the same thing, writing out my old address in maine instead of the current address here in idaho. this only seems to happen when i physically write it, not type it. it’s the autopilot syndrome. on the weekend if i leave the house around the same time that i typically leave during the week, i frequently end up at the office instead of home depot like i planned. pure autopilot.


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