Looking for a web programmer job? Know drupal? I’m hiring

My day job is website management for a small liberal arts college. We use drupal, which we arrived at after a process of review a couple of years ago which was overseen by me, and the ongoing maintenance and development of our publishing platform is also overseen by me. We’re growing our staff this year by 2 programmers. If you know drupal or have an extensive background in web application development, consider applying. The boss is cool, the wages are competitive, the benefits are excellent, you get to work in a college environment for one of the more prestigious schools in the US, and you get to help grow a CMS framework, focusing on open source tools while you’re at it.

[update] Per a suggestion from Andrew in the comments, I’m linking over to a case study on how we’re using drupal at amherst college which I wrote a month or two ago that covers what we’re doing in depth and has a lot of interesting commentary including a few kudos for us.

0 thoughts on “Looking for a web programmer job? Know drupal? I’m hiring

  1. Drew says:

    You should link to that discussion your boss linked to on CLAC where there are a lot of people commending your (teams) efforts.
    I read through that whole thread and it really shed some light on what you are up to these days.
    Kudos to you.


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