But …I have a good excuse!

Sorry on the lack of updates. A little vacation and a little illness have conspired to keep me away from blogging. I’m off to the doctor today for a look-see. I got bitten by a tick while I was on LI and am a little worried that I have Lymes, but my symptoms aren’t really consistent. If not for the tick, I would have said I simply have the flu or something similar.

0 thoughts on “But …I have a good excuse!

  1. Drew says:

    Big or small tick?
    I tested positive for Lyme after a tick bite in the USAF. Caught it really early and did a battery of meds and got rid of it.
    I didn’t have any flu like symptoms. I got red splotches with a dot in the center all over my lower torso and legs. That pretty much signaled the need for medical intervention.
    Flu like symptoms from a tick bite actually pulls hits when googled.
    Good luck at the doc. Sorry you got bit.


  2. dlh says:

    Initial diagnosis is – not lymes. Put me on an antibiotic to be sure though. There’s a virus going around and the doctor thinks that’s what happened, just a coincidence that I got it right around the time of the tick bite. I’m starting to feel better – still headaches, but the throat and lungs are clearing up. I’ll be back to my regular blogging schedule in no time.


  3. Drew says:

    Did they test for anything else? When I looked it up earlier today I read about relapse fever that seemed to have similar symptoms.
    Hope you have a speedy recovery.


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