I’m done selling things on ebay

I’ve had it. Two times in the past year, I’ve put up large batches of stuff on ebay, something I’ve been doing for literally a decade now, my own periodic virtual flea market. Each of the last two times though I’ve had serious problems with at least one of the sales. Last time, a guy from Canada managed to freeze my paypal account because he got impatient waiting on the shipping and after 6 days filed a grievance with paypal, who froze my account for weeks while I waited for the idjit to receive his package. Apparantly in his version of the world he can pay for the cheapest shipping and have the item make its way across the continent (he was in British Columbia) in under 4 days. This week, I sell a relatively high end game (The Witcher) to some numbskull who has crashing problems with the game, describes how he ‘tried cleaning the disc with a microfibre cloth,’ then demands a refund because he claims I sold him a damaged disc. This on a game still going for $50 at retail which he purchased for $10.25.

In order to protect my perfect feedback rating, I’m going to have to give this chump his money back. The whole exercise just isn’t worth it. I don’t know what I’m going to do with my constant stream of surplus stuff now, from used computer parts (I’m sitting on 2 video cards, a SFF case and a motherboard as I type this), games, and misc. electronics like my GPS which I want to upgrade. I guess it’s worth trying craigslist for some of the stuff, but the whole ‘arrange to show your stuff to perfect strangers’ seems like more of a hassle then it’s worth.

0 thoughts on “I’m done selling things on ebay

  1. Drew says:

    We should talk about that motherboard and vid card.
    As for ebay, it seems to have been losing its luster for some time now. Craigslist is ok. I guess it depends on what you are getting rid of though.


  2. dlh says:

    it is a last generation garmin – etrex vista. Serial cable, no USB. Works great, mainly I want color and USB, also a more expensive one will allow me to attach an antenna which would give me better reception in treelines and in ravines.


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